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The number of women in IT is shockingly low.  Within the leading IT companies in the United States, women hold significantly fewer positions in IT (somewhere between 27% and 47%) according to Statistica.  There are lots of reasons for this.  One of the most common is the fact that girls are often discouraged by the laddish culture of IT in their early years.  Another argument is that many of the IT positions are held by foreign nationals that entered the country specifically to perform IT roles, and the majority of these are men.  But whatever the reasons for the disparity between men and women in IT, the world of ‘Women in IT is changing.  

  • Female Tech positions are growing 238% faster than their male counterparts. …
  • 85% of Women in Tech say that they love their job. …
  • 56% of Women in Tech leave their jobs at mid-level position BUT 22% of these women do so to start their own business

Social Joy is committed to helping more Women get into IT.  We actively campaign to send a positive message for women everywhere to ‘get onboard’ and we promote mentoring programs to assist individuals considering a career in IT for the first time, to understand the opportunity, the challenges, the possibilities, the options and the risks. 


The idea of becoming a freelancer and joining the gig economy can be daunting, especially as the press surrounding gig working has been so negative over the past few years.  The fact is, gig working – i.e. creating an income from more than one employment by having a series of employments or contracts – is on the increase.  And for good reason.  Millions of people around the world find they can better harness their skills, follow their passions and find a better work-life balance by becoming a freelancer or contingent worker.  At Social Joy we help individuals considering a freelance or contingent worker life-style to weigh up the pros and cons.  A key part of what we do is bring access to individuals who are already freelancers (generally in the same industry), people who are able to offer advice and describe their own personal experiences. 


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Returning to the workplace after a long period away can be daunting.  Many things can change over the period individuals are spending time away.  It can feel like you’re starting over.  And for some, that’s precisely what they want to do. Sometimes, a break away from the coal face can change everything.  For some, it’s a great time to consider options, and re-visit if their chosen career path is the right one.  For sure, if you’r in this situation, you may be feeling low in confidence, somewhat unsure about which way to go, how to get there or whether it’s even possible.  At Social Joy we help women get back into work through programs and activities to mentor, support and fund initiatives that make ‘the big return’ a positive and potentially life-changing experience.


The workplace can sound pretty daunting if you’ve never been there before.  That’s the case for thousands of school leavers and graduates every year when they enter the workforce for the first time. The U.S. labor force is projected to reach 163.5 million in 2022The labor force is anticipated to grow by 8.5 million over the period.  That’s a lot of newcomers entering the workforce!  While graduates and school leavers might have some limited opportunities to do part-time jobs and get some work experience whilst in full-time education, this level of understanding falls way short on what individuals generally need in order to make an informed decision as to whether any particular career path is right for them.  At Social Joy we help newcomers into the workforce for the first time to get under the skin of what it’s really like to work in their chosen career or role by speaking to individuals that perform that role today.  We call it an ASSISTED START.  It’s a great way to gain first-hand account of ‘what it’s really like‘ before making a decision on your life course.


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