Are you interested in a career in IT and Tech but have no idea how to get started? We understand it can be daunting to embark upon a career that is a specialized field of work. For this reason, we have created a list of top tips to guide you in the right direction. 

In an industry where men dominate, women currently make up 25% of software engineers and 24% of computer programmers. There seems to be a trend in the statistics surrounding women in IT and it could explain why they’re so low. Young women are coding as early as the age of eleven, and they are interested in working in the sector. However, by the time they get to college-level, only 20% of those who graduate from Computer Science Degrees are women. 

As we follow the statistics, the numbers dwindle further, with the quit rate being higher for women than men in the IT and Tech industry. We see that there are stages in a woman’s life when she feels that she can no longer carry on with her dream of working in this industry. Well, we’re wanting to change that, and part of that change is helping women, and young people, to build successful careers in IT and Tech by offering advice and guidance

Therefore, these top tips are not only for women but for anyone who is looking to create a long-term career in the IT and Tech sector.

Our Eight Top Tips to get into IT and Tech

1) Do Your Research

Working in IT and Technology doesn’t mean that you have to be a coder! The industry is a community that continues to develop and diversify. New opportunities arise every day, and that includes more flexible working and the ability to work from home. So explore those options, taking into account the skills and experience you might need. 

Also, you may find that there are a number of tools you may need to fulfill that job role. It’s always a good idea to do research into the kind of software you may need, and in doing so find the one most suited to you and the way you work. 

2) Teach Yourself

After doing your research there may be things that you haven’t come across before, which are crucial for the role you’d like to apply for. In this case, you can teach yourself. Nowadays, in this internet-mad world, you can find pretty much everything online. This means that there are videos online, showing you how to use a specific piece of software. But remember you will continue to learn, even when you’re in the role, so it’s most useful to know what advantages and disadvantages there are to using it.

3) Join Relevant Communities

Join communities focused on your area of interest. These groups have a wealth of knowledge and so use it to your advantage! Ask questions, discuss interesting topics in your field and find opportunities to learn about the industry you want to pursue a career in. Get involved in the conversation and use these platforms to network, improving your connections within the industry.

4) Keep on top of the News

In an industry that changes and continues to develop it’s important to keep an eye on the latest news, regarding your field of work. Find out what new developments are being made in software and technology that you can leverage for your own improvement. Signing up to RSS feeds and follow social media conversations will keep you up to date and informed on the latest developments.

5) Stay LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a great place to network, join the conversation, and be a part of relevant communities. It’s the most useful tool for the modern-day freelancer, work-at-home employee and all other forms of work. To advertise your business, create conversations around your area of work, job searches and more, it is the best place for you to get into the IT and Tech industry.

6) Find a Mentor

Mentorship is important if you are struggling to understand how to get into your career of interest. In speaking to someone who has been in your position, or can direct you towards resources that they found useful, you may find this entire process much easier. It’s always good to have someone supporting you, who can see the potential in you and your future. If you are in college/university, then have a look to see if your school offers a mentorship program, where you can receive guidance for your chosen career path.

7) Work experience

Work experience is an effective way of proving to an employer that you’re passionate and knowledgable about the role you’re applying for. It displays your determination to succeed and shows that you have experience of fulfilling those expectations. These experiences can be used to your advantage, particularly in an interview situation where you can display your skills and knowledge. All work experience can be used in this case, even if it isn’t directly related to the role you’re applying for.

8) Confidence is key

Don’t be intimidated. It is easy to be daunted in the IT and Tech industry but use your research, what you’ve taught yourself, and your experiences to build your confidence. After all, you’ve done all the legwork, and you’ve got the interview! Allow yourself to be passionate when you’re talking about your subject because that will be the key to your success.

To Conclude

We can see from the statistics that there is still a long way to go for women in IT and Tech, but it is changing. We want to be a part of that change, encouraging more women and more talented youths into the industry, allowing it to grow and develop at a faster rate.

These top tips were designed to guide more people into the IT and Tech industry. In following these steps you will be allowing yourself the opportunity to progress in your career and current situation. For those who are wanting to learn more, visit our Homepage to find out more about what we do.

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