With a lack of female role models within the IT and Tech sector, it’s difficult for women to aspire to work in an industry dominated by men. For this reason, we want to demonstrate why women should work in IT and Tech.

We’ve chosen the aspects which we feel women are looking for in their careers. And, in so doing, we have highlighted what the IT and Tech industry can offer them and anyone else looking to enter the sector. This can include Young Business Entrepreneurs, or those wanting to find a new career path.

‘The Leading Edge of Innovation’

IT and Technology are forever evolving. According to womenintech.co.uk, this industry is passionate and infectious, inspiring and driving innovation. It’s great to work in a fast-paced and evolving industry where you can be a part of that change. Hence, you’ll never get bored when you’re on the ‘Leading edge of Innovation’.

One of the Fastest Growing Industry

For an industry that is constantly changing and evolving, there are new jobs being created all the time. Thus, there is a big demand for new skills within the sector, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone.

One of the Highest Paid Sectors

If we look at the Forbes list of ‘Best-Paying Jobs for Women Right Now’, we can see that IT and Tech roles feature in the top 15. The ones that feature are:

  • Number 4 – Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Number 7 – Software Developer, Applications and Systems Software
  • Number 10 – Computer Programmer
  • Number 13 – Computer Systems Analyst

Therefore, this shows that the IT and Tech industry is one of the highest paying industries for women. Alongside Law and Specialist Health Care, it provides long-term, successful careers for women.

More Flexible Work

In a world of 9-5 jobs, the IT and Tech Industry offers more flexible work, with more and more employees working from home. This appeals to many women, allowing them to fit their work around their family life. Thus, this arrangement allows them to have a successful career, whilst not having to sacrifice their home life.

Low Cost of Education

If you’re unsure about whether you have the right skills to pursue a career in IT and Tech you should know that you don’t need a degree! It is possible to get quick training that employers will see as evidence of your knowledge and passion. As we’ve highlighted the industry is always changing, so you will always be learning.


To conclude, the points that we have discussed are the reasons why anyone should work in IT and Tech. It offers numerous opportunities and fast-paced working for anyone looking to build a successful career. Furthermore, the IT and Tech sector can offer women flexibility, great pay, and job satisfaction. It is always innovating and evolving, which are the main reasons why it can offer something to everyone.